You want to hire a freelance copywriter but you’re not sure how to go about it. What’s involved, where do we start and what does the process look like?

I’ve put together this very special listicle (the holy grail of its kind, perhaps?) to show you how to hire a freelance copywriter, step by step.

This is my client process.

If you want to commission me to write for you, please begin at the beginning.


  1. You take a few minutes to fill in my New Client Copywriting Brief.


As your copywriter, it’s my job to get under the skin of your customers. To do this, I need to learn more about you, your business and your target market.

The questions in my new client copywriting brief are designed to give me a real feel of your business and what it is that you need from me.

Don’t be surprised if you find this a useful exercise in itself. Forcing yourself to look at your business from a different perspective can highlight your strong suits along with areas where you need to streamline things like your branding or wider marketing efforts.

This step is the first and easily the most important. It tells me what to say and how to say it.

2. I send you a firm quote.


I will use the information you have provided in the new client brief to assess the scope of your project and provide you with a firm quote. I quote per project. This means the total cost you see is the price you will pay for the end result. No extras (unless you ask for them).

Your quote exists as a document for you to check over and make sure you are happy with the information both you and I have provided, before you pay your deposit and I start work.

3. You confirm by email.


When you’re happy with your quote, I need you to confirm this in writing. This is also the time to agree on a deadline. I’ll give you a wee nudge to make sure you’ve had a read of my terms and conditions at this point, too.

4. You pay your deposit.


Once your deposit has been paid, I can block out the space I need in my diary – just for you. This means turning other clients away so it’s time to put your money where your mouse (or keyboard) is. By paying your deposit you are agreeing to my terms and conditions and giving explicit permission for me to start work.

5. I start writing.


Yep, that’s all I need.

I will take the information you have provided in the new client brief and our other relevant written correspondence and begin crafting copy that’s going to do the job for you.

6. You receive your copy.


Ta-dah! Your new copy will arrive in your inbox bright and early on the day it’s due. I’ll then ask that you review the copy and if you would like to suggest any revisions or changes, you request these from me by email within 5 working days. Your final invoice will arrive with your copy and is due for payment at this point.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to be chuffed to bits with your new wordy-bits. But it’s completely normal for new copy to need a few tweaks. Once we’ve talked about any changes if we need them I’ll send the revised version back to you as soon as I can.

7. Your copy goes out into the big wide world!


Whether it’s editorial to be published in print, a new post series to feature on your blog or a press release to make your latest big announcement, your copy is now off to spread its wings – and bring back some shiny new customers.

It’s at this point that I’m ready to be showered with praise. Or, at the very least, make sure that you have had a fantastic experience working with me and are absolutely happy with the result.

I love what I do, and creating happy clients with growing businesses is my top priority. As a freelancer, nearly all of my business comes from referrals or happy client testimonials.

At this point, I would love for you to let me know how your new copy is doing. You can send me a testimonial by email, via LinkedIn or on Twitter.

Hopefully, by this time, we’re ready to work on your next project together.


So, that’s that… is it?

If you’re wondering how to go about hiring a freelance copywriter, I hope you’ve found this article helpful. You can have a look around and find out more about my copywriting services or have a nosey at some of my work.

When you’re ready to go, start at Step 1 (you can fill in my new client copywriting brief here).

Or you can contact me for a chat.



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