Fair question. And one that plenty of business owners approach me with as a freelance copywriter.

The truth is, whether or not you decide to employ a copywriter, is entirely up to you.

This post contains only cold hard facts about copywriting: what it is and why it’s valuable to your business.

Why every great business has a brilliant copywriter.

Are you a start-up owner or corporate CEO who wants to know how copywriting can help your business? Find out why all the big players have brilliant copywriters on the payroll.

What is ‘copy’?

Copy is just a fancy name for words.

I say ‘just’, but if the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, then we’d be prudent to show the keyboard equal reverence in respect to this digital marketing era.

Businesses spend millions each year on graphic design to promote their brand. But an eye-catching logo plastered over the internet is worth diddly squat if it doesn’t lead the user to a source of valuable, interesting content that adds value to their search.

A great copywriter knows how to draw customers whilst personifying your brand in the tone and style of their writing. Allowing you to build a coherent brand image, form genuine connections with your customers and most importantly generate engagement.

Engagement = Exposure = Sales

Do I really need a copywriter?

That’s really for you to decide.

Have you invested in a shiny new website, that no one is visiting? Often, the content is overlooked. But it’s actually the meat of your business.

Words or ‘copy’ make up the content of your site.

Content is communication.

It says everything about you. Whether that’s at face value or written between the lines of great copy.

Copy is your ‘front of house’.

It invites you in and shows you around.

It drives your customers to action – to enquire, to purchase and to engage.

Search Engine Optimisation

Maybe your customers are already searching for your service – but without well-written SEO friendly copy you won’t appear in search engine results.

A stunning website or attractive brochure will catch the eye but if the words on the page are tired and boring, you’ve lost your audience already.

Great copy will:

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • & Inspire action

Your company blog is an essential tool not only for driving traffic to your site through SEO but engaging with your target audience who are looking for an expert in your field. That’s you.

All the big industry players have their own company blog to attract and interact with their target audience. If you haven’t added one to your site already, you should seriously consider it.

Google’s newest updates have swung things drastically in the favour of original and valuable content. Keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks won’t cut the mustard anymore. The bots have become more human and they want you to be one too.

That’s great news for writers. Or anyone that hates spammy internet bumph and loves real, valuable content.

If you’d like to work together, you can contact me for a no-obligation chat.

Curious about copy? Check out my portfolio for samples including B2B and B2C marketing materials, blog content and website copy.


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