When you’re making big ideas happen you want a freelancer that’s skilled, experienced and reliable. I’m all three and that’s why many clients have stayed with me on long-term retainers. I still try to leave wiggle room for interesting one-off projects in between, though. For the last few years, I’ve been working with some great tech companies in the UK, Germany and further afield, writing creative copy and getting my hands dirty in Figma alongside product managers and designers to build simple, intuitive user experiences. Scroll on to hear it from them!

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I do the writing. I also pay all the bills and buy the food.



Keeping this show on the road by staying well rested at all times.

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"I absolutely fell in love with this copy.”

"I absolutely fell in love with this copy.”

Greg Bourdakos, CEO

First of all, I absolutely fell in love with the copy for our new ‘about’ page. It’s out of the box and in complete harmony with the overall brand language we want to have. I’d like to add that working with you has been one of the most hassle-free experiences of my professional career. Thank you for your outstanding work.”

"An integral part of our team."

"An integral part of our team."

Nicola Ashley, International Head of Marketing

We have been working with Suzanne since 2019 years and she supports us with a range of technical documentation and sales materials. Suzanne is a total pleasure to work with, totally professional, dedicated and considerate. We really value the fact that Suzanne operates as an integral member of the team. As a result, we work together with the ease that usually comes from being part of the same organisation and this makes her highly valued by all those that work with her at VoCoVo.

"She's spot on, dedicated and reliable."

"She's spot on, dedicated and reliable."

Eike-Marie, Head of Localisation

When I was looking for a copywriter to support us with our UX and Marketing copy, Suzanne stood out from the crowd of applications, I immediately liked reading her voice. Working with Suzanne is great: She's spot on, dedicated and reliable, and we value the tonality she brings to our product. I'm really grateful for this collaboration. Thanks, Suzanne!


Copywriting, content marketing and ramblings disguised as discursive.